April 4, 2020

Bulk Bogan


The Bulk Bogan character was created by Joel from Vinesauce, the coolest Swedish person on the Internet.

Bulk Bogan is believed to be both immortal and thousands of years old. His complete wiki can be found here.

Bulk Bogan
Bulk Bogan from Joel’s initial “Hard Time” stream. Seconds after this picture was taken, Bulk threw the warden into a headlock.


Numbers and descriptions are unable to fully describe the magnitude of Bogan’s power. Although his total maximum energy output is estimated at exactly 7 hundred trillion humpback whales at maximum sprint, or exactly 1.0 Killibogans (KB).

Bulk Bogan vs. the Dooley Brothers

Bulk Bogan (Dale Fanella) avenges the death of his best prison friend Robbie Plinkton, or prisoner E-005, with the help of unsuspecting gamer, Dennis Plinkton (Jack Overby).

The film is exclusively about vengeance, as Bulk and Dennis rampage through Jonathan (Alex Goldberg), Ricardo (Joseph MacMaster), and Dewey Dooley (BJ Wilson) on their way to a blood-soaked vindication.

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