Weekend Binge | Which Netflix Top 10 Movie Should You Watch this Weekend?

There’s no need to be ashamed— we’ve all been there.

After a long week of work, you throw on some comfortable clothes, order some food, grab your favorite drink, and sit down on your couch. As you take a sip, you turn on Netflix, and the stresses of life slowly start to fade.


This is it—the weekend is here.

Except there is one more decision you need to make, and it’s perhaps the most difficult of the week.

What should I watch?

A romance movie? No. A thriller? Not feeling it. Action? Maybe?

Nothing is calling out to you.

Time passes – you finish your drink, your food has arrived and it’s getting cold, but all you can do is continue scrolling as the stress of life slowly comes back  and ruins your entire weekend.

Okay, maybe it’s not that serious, but figuring out what to watch can really be a struggle. And while Netflix has made it a bit easier by introducing the Top 10, it’s still difficult.

So, as we head into the weekend, here’s a breakdown of each of the movies in Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. with a suggestion for why you may want to watch each.

  1. Boss Baby

Run Time: 1:37
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 53%

Summary: “Boss Baby” is an animated comedy released in 2017 that tells the story of Tim, an only child whose world is turned upside down with the arrival of a suit-wearing, briefcase-carrying talking baby named Theodore. Tim quickly realizes that Theodore is not a normal baby but instead a secret agent on a mission to uncover a plot that threatens the balance between babies and puppies.

In a Few Words: Family-friendly, Funny, Heartwarming, Animated

You’ll Like It If You Like: “Despicable Me” “Megamind” “The Incredibles”

You Should Watch It If: You’re looking for a kids movie that is enjoyable for adults who don’t want to think too much.

  1. We’re the Millers

Run Time: 1:50
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 48%

Summary: “We’re the Millers” is a comedy film released in 2013. The movie follows the story of David Clark, a small-time marijuana dealer who is forced to smuggle a large shipment of drugs from Mexico into the United States. To avoid suspicion at the border, David comes up with a plan to create a fake family as a cover.

In a Few Words: Comedy, Road Trip, Light-hearted, Ensemble

You’ll Like It If You Like: “Due Date” “The Hangover” “Horrible Bosses”

You Should Watch It If: You’re looking for a light-hearted comedy movie that feels a bit like an adventure.

  1. The Angry Birds Movie

Run Time: 1:37
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 43%

Summary: Flightless birds lead a mostly happy existence, except for Red, who just can’t get past the daily annoyances of life. His temperament leads him to anger management class, where he meets fellow misfits Chuck and Bomb. When green pigs arrive on their island paradise, Red joins forces with Chuck and Bomb to investigate the real reason behind their mysterious arrival.

In a Few Words: Animated, Family-Friendly, Comedy, Pop Culture

You’ll Like It If You Like: “The Emoji Movie” “Trolls” “The Lego Movie”

You Should Watch It If: You’re looking for a movie to watch with children or if you have a connection to the Angry Birds game.

  1. The Choice

Run Time: 1:51
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 14%

Summary: “The Choice” is a romantic drama film released in 2016, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. The movie tells the story of Travis Parker and Gabby Holland, two neighbors who develop a deep and complicated relationship. As time passes, they begin to develop feelings for each other, leading them to confront their own personal choices and the challenges that come with being together.

In a Few Words: Romance, Nicholas Sparks, Emotional, Tough Decisions

You’ll Like It If You Like: “The Notebook” “Dear John” “The Lucky One”

You Should Watch It If: You’re looking for a Nicholas Sparks movie.

  1. The Zookeeper (skip of the week)

Run Time: 1:42
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 11%

Summary: Kindhearted Griffin Keyes is one of the best-loved caretakers at the Franklin Park Zoo. When he decides to find a more glamorous career to get a girlfriend, the animals reveal their secret ability to talk and offer to teach him the rules of courtship, animal style.

In a Few Words: Comedy, Family-Friendly, Talking Animals

You’ll Like It If You Like: “The Notebook” “Dear John” “The Lucky One”

You Should Watch It If: You’re looking for a family-friendly comedy that isn’t animated. Although, you probably just shouldn’t watch this one.

  1. Mean Girls

Run Time: 1:37
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 84%

Summary: Teenage Cady Heron moves to the suburbs of Illinois and experiences the cruel laws of popularity in her new public school. She unwittingly finds herself in the good graces of an elite group of cool students dubbed “the Plastics,” but soon realizes how shallow her new friends are.

In a Few Words: Comedy, Iconic, High School Cliques

You’ll Like It If You Like: “Easy A” “Clueless” “Heathers”

You Should Watch It If: You’re looking for an iconic comedy movie that is easy to enjoy. (Or if you’re one of the few people who still haven’t seen it.)

  1. Forever My Girl

Run Time: 1:48
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 24%

Summary: Liam Page, a country music superstar, left his bride Josie at the altar to pursue fame and fortune. Now, he must face the consequences of his actions when he returns to his hometown for the funeral of his best friend from high school.

In a Few Words: Romantic, Drama, Country, Personal Growth

You’ll Like It If You Like: “The Last Song” “Sweet Home Alabama” “Country Strong”

You Should Watch It If: You’re looking for a romance movie and like the country.

  1. Funny People

Run Time: 2:26
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 69%

Summary: Learning that he has a fatal disease, comic George Simmons decides to become a mentor to a struggling performer named Ira. As George teaches Ira the art of stand-up comedy, they become close friends. When an old flame reappears and the disease goes into remission, George gets a chance to re-evaluate his life and figure out what is truly important to him.

In a Few Words: Adam Sandler, Comedy, Drama, Dark

You’ll Like It If You Like: “Birdman” “Punch-Drunk Love” “Inside Llewyn Davis”

You Should Watch It If: You’re looking for an Adam Sandler movie that is funny but also has a deep emotional side that will surprise you.

  1. The Kingdom

Run Time: 1:49
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 51%

Summary: Federal agent Ron Fleury has one week to assemble a team, infiltrate and destroy a terrorist cell based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Culture shock and opposition from local law enforcement hinder their progress, but a sympathetic Saudi police captain becomes an unexpected comrade-in-arms.

In a Few Words: Action, Story-Driven, War

You’ll Like It If You Like: “Zero Dark Thirty” “Black Hawk Down” “The Hurt Locker”

You Should Watch It If: You’re looking for a fun, action-packed movie with an interesting plot and relevant political themes.

  1. To Leslie (Pick of the Week)

Run Time: 1:59
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 93%

Summary: Leslie, a single mother from West Texas, struggles to provide for her son after winning the lottery and experiencing a chance at a good life. However, a few years later, the money is gone, and Leslie is on her own, facing difficult choices.

In a Few Words: Drama, Addiction, Deep, Low-Budget

You’ll Like It If You Like: “Permanent Midnight” “Leaving Las Vegas” “Beautiful Boy”

You Should Watch It If: You’re looking for a deep, thought-provoking, and emotionally impactful movie about the struggles of addiction.

Hope this helps make your start to the weekend a little easier.

Let me know down in the comments which one you watched.

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