These Next 10 Years is a blend of sci-fi in a dystopian heavy world. Set in the near-future where every 10 years citizens are required by law to complete decade evaluations. These evaluations are an intimate but invasive interview style discussion with an interviewer and their subject. They take a look at how you’ve spent your time over the course of the past decade and decide, has it been spent wisely enough? If approved the subjects are then free to live another 10 years but if denied, they won’t live to see another minute.

The story stems from the writer/director’s (Demma Mattox) own experience surrounding not just her time management but the limited amount of time she has with others. There was also an element of influence with how much visibility we have on how others spend their time and how that influences our decisions.

Mattox has been a deep rooted sci-fi fan her entire life and was surprised to find out that only about 3% of wide release studio sci-fi films were directed by women in 2019. Her hope is to continue telling stories and by association tip this uneven scale so more women are included in this genre.

Right now, the team is in pre-production and part of that process has been crowdfunding to raise $5,000 in funding. The team is already 62% there but need that final push to get the last 40%! You can visit the crowdfunding page and browse what sorts of perks you can get for pledging your support.

Their entire team is thankful for everyone for their support and can’t wait to showcase the final product!

Demma Strausbaugh | Writer/Director

campaign page: https://my.cheddarup.com/c/these-next-10-years
instagram: @3amthoughtschi
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3AMThoughtsProduction
tiktok: @3amthoughtschi

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