August 12, 2020

My Thoughts: Logan Lucky

After watching Knives Out (2019) I decided to give Logan Lucky (2017), directed by Steven Soderbergh, a try as a result of a general discussion I was having with a friend about Daniel Craig’s accent-work. Here are a few things that I took note of during my enjoyable afternoon of viewing Logan Lucky: no matter how big or small, the film takes the time to focus on farcical and comedic situations, there is a an unbelievable ease to the pacing of the film and all in all, the movie stays true to the genre of “heist” films.

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My Thoughts: Knives Out

Knives Out (2019), written and directed by Rian Johnson is easily my favorite “Who Done It?” film since Scream. It pretty much has all you need, a southern P.I. with a smooth and deep voice, a cast of campy characters full of intentions that are anything but good, and a kind-eyed innocent, individual whose moral compass guides her to the treasure at the end of the map.

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