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We just wrapped another episode of Chicago Film Scene: Live! filmed at the Arrogant Frog Bar in Lincoln Park. This week we were honored to host Peter Hawley, recently named the #1 spot in Newcity Film’s Film 50 this month.

The conversation covers many of the key benefits the Illinois Film Office provides to film industry professionals, and Hawley’s optimism for the future of Chicago film couldn’t be more clear.



    Here’s the full live video stream, podcast links are below:

    The show was hosted by filmmaker Ron Groves, comedian Aaron Serwe, writer Joseph MacMaster, and music producer Wan Dimah of the Chicago Film Scene.

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    The Chicago Film Scene is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting local Chicago film productions.

    2 thoughts on “Peter Hawley, Director of the Illinois Film Office, Appears on Chicago Film Scene: Live!”
    1. Amoaku. Within the tri-state area of Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, they re starting to come here and set up roots. We have these episodic shows, which create sustainability for them, for jobs. They end up getting apartments here, taking homes here, spending money in the state of Illinois. We want to draw people from other places and make them Illinois residents.

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