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In Conclusion

So that’s Top of the Lake for you. Safe to say, it’s one hell of a quality ride. Like some kind of wizened tortoise, Top of the Lake takes us on a slow-paced, introspective journey filled to the brim with great acting and gorgeous cinematography that asks us what it means to empathize with the people that make up our lives, and how a lack of empathy can shape us. It’s easily the best of the post-Twin Peaks small-town crime dramas, and the best and most consistent live-action show I’ve covered on Off the Beaten Path. Here’s hoping that Top of the Lake: China Girl shapes up when I eventually get to it.

My Recommendation: Highly Recommend

If You’re Interested in Top of the Lake

If you’re interested in checking out Top of the Lake, you can find the 7 episode cut on Hulu.

*it’s low because of how distressing the subject matter can be, not because of quality, otherwise, it would be a solid Recommend

By Joseph MacMaster

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