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In Conclusion

So there you have it, the whole sordid show that is Spicy City. God this was both exactly what I was expecting and not at all. I was expecting a decent Bakshi production, another interesting milestone lost to the sands of time and pop-culture. Instead, I found something I wish had remained buried. 

That said, I don’t regret watching Spicy City. To be honest, I was beginning to worry that I was only picking good quality shows to review for you all here at Off the Beaten Path. I mean, as nice as it would be to watch good shows, I doubt it would be all that interesting to read review after review of me saying “I highly recommend this” and it also would lead me to stagnate as a reviewer. So in a way, Spicy City is a revelation. Not one I plan on revisiting, but a revelation none the less.

You know what, another silver lining is it’s a good representation of how far animation has come, especially western adult animation. Spicy City, as awful as it is at times, is a trailblazing show by all technicalities. If it weren’t for the one two punch of Spicy City and South Park in 1997, the animation landscape wouldn’t be recogizable. Also, it makes me appreciate my favorite adult animation shows all the more, like The Venture Bros., Primal, and Bojack Horseman.

So do I recommend this show to others? That honestly depends. If you’re a diehard Bakshi fan and a completist, then I think you’ll find Love Is a Download, Sex Drive, and Raven’s Revenge entertaining enough to be a cult interest. Otherwise, I’d just stay clear. You can find better ways to spend 3 hours of your time. Like, I don’t know, rewatch Love, Death & Robots S1 aka the good version of Spicy City.

My Recommendation: Don’t Recommend

If You’re Interested in Spicy City

I bet some of you are still interested in watching Spicy City. Maybe some of you are actual die-hard Bakshi fans. Maybe others are like “Joe, your taste sucks and I don’t trust your recommendations so I’m gonna watch it to prove you wrong”. Hell, maybe some of you are just plain curious. In any case, you can find the episodes at this YouTube playlist so you can watch them whenever.

By Joseph MacMaster

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