redone shot from Planet of the Apes intro

Hey everyone! It’s time for another installment of Off the Beaten Path, so I decided to take us all on a journey. Like V: The Original Miniseries last time, I’m going further back into the past for a look further into the future. We’ll be going to a familiar planet full of wonders in a familiar property. You know what, let’s skip these hints with all the subtlety of a Roddy McDowell summary lesson. I’m reviewing the short-lived 1974 series Planet of the Apes: The Series

  1. Page 1: Intro to Today’s Post
  2. Page 2: So What is Planet of the Apes: The Series? & So Why Planet of the Apes: The Series?
  3. Page 3: My Thoughts on Planet of the Apes: The Series
  4. Page 4: My Thoughts on Episodes 1-7
  5. Page 5: My Thoughts on Episodes 8-14
  6. Page 6: In Conclusion & In Case You’re Interested in Planet of the Apes: The Series

By Joseph MacMaster

Writer extraordinaire in progress who hangs out with the Chicago Film Scene crew. I screenwrite for my fellow CFS filmmakers. I also write TV and movie reviews, and am a co-host/main writer of the Chicago Film Scene: Live! podcast.

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