Music Box of Horrors 2020 | At The Drive-In Presented by SHUDDER Starting 10/1/20

October, we meet again. The leaves are starting to fall, the dead starting to arise, and drive-in theaters are back in demand. The Chicago Film Scene is here to cover the much anticipated "Music Box of Horrors" event throughout the month of yes, you guessed it, October.  The Music Box is partnering with the Chi-Town Movies Drive-In to bring Chicago thirty-one nights of terror! Today we are here to give you the basic information, but please proceed with caution. This year's lineup is a mix of old and new, grind-house and rip-offs.  Below are the dates and times included with other info from So sit back, play your best Twin Peaks ambient instrumental music, and buy a ticket. Happy best month of the year!

The Brain-Eating Facts

With mind-melting visuals and high body counts, this year's lineup is perfectly in line with the Music Box's eclectic taste in horror offerings and events—a combination of audience favorites and rarely screened titles, specialized intros, pre-show content, filmmaker Q&As, nightly trivia with fantastic prizes, and of course, some surprises. Every element will be presented safely & responsibly in the Drive-In setting.


All screenings take place at Chi-Town Movies Drive-In located at 2343 S Throop St, Chicago, IL 60608. Drive-In Admittance begins 30 minutes prior to the film's listed start time.


Single Feature - $30 per car / $25 Music Box Members

Double Feature - $40 per car / $35 Music Box Members

***31 Day Passes Not Available***

No car? No problem! Simply select Row A when making your ticket purchase and come with a chair for you and your friends to watch the movie!


Grindhouse Fridays
On Fridays, we celebrate the movies your parents warned you about! Long since replaced by bland suburban multiplexes, grindhouse theaters reveled in humanity’s underbelly with twisted double features designed to turn your stomach, offend your sensibilities, and make you scream. Whether it be exploitation, splatter, perverse, transgressive, or just plain gross, Fridays are for sickos—and we can't wait!
Single Features


Sequel Sundays
It's easy to get overwhelmed when doing deep dives into a horror franchise, trying to dig through all a series has to offer. Lucky for you, we've done the work and are proud to offer up some of the best of the best in the realm of horror sequels!
Rip-Off Saturdays
There's only one thing better than watching a horror classic on the big screen, and that’s watching a blatant, unauthorized rip-off immediately afterwards! On Saturdays, we offer up the heavy hitters you know and love, and then give you the chance to stick around and watch some mind-melting, unhinged insanity! With everything from Canadian-snake-charming telepathy, to Bollywood Freddy Kreugers, we gleefully invite you to expand your mind with the rip-offs you didn't know you needed!
Double Features
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Chicago’s own Creepy Co.® is a company—and a community—that celebrates all things Halloween, 365 days of the year. Creepy Co. will be on hand at the Drive-In with giveaways and collectable merch! 

About ChiTown Movies:

ChiTown Movies is Chicago's largest permanent outdoor drive-in movie theater.  Located in the heart of Pilsen and only minutes from downtown.  Come visit our safe, quiet location, and enjoy our delicious homemade tacos, movie-theater popcorn, and other great food and drinks delivered right to your car.

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