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I <3 Final Destination

One of my favorite scary movies EVER, not just for Halloween, is Final Destination. Made in 2000 it is dripping with bad fashion, worse hair AND teen flick energy. The movie starts with a high school trip to Paris, when Alex Browning, played by Devon Sawa, sees the plane’s imminent demise. Browning freaks out! He gets pulled off the plane taking a handful of peers with him. 

The lucky few are unfortunately not lucky for long. Facing Rube Goldberg Machines of Death that will make you scared of literally any and everything in your life. The remaining survivors are taken one by one. 

This film is EXTREME scary with a dash of camp; for sure a Halloween classic for the millennial generation. 

Death has a plan. For everyone.

Shout Out to the Music Box of Horrors Drive In

I went last week to see Prom Night II and had the best time! It was honestly one of the greatest experiences I’ve had during rona. I jammed to the perfect pre show music, with my butter covered, popcorn fingers, plus I got a SUPER CUTE button. Bonus there are tacos at the drive in, BONUSBONUS they are good tacos. Tickets were easy to get; they made everything really organized. I  h i g h l y  recommend.


$40 per car / $35 Music Box Members

starting  at 9:30pm on Saturday, October 26th

Chi-Town Movies Drive-In located at 2343 S Throop St, Chicago, IL 60608

***SOLD OUT***

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