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A New Kind of Dramatic Short

Teetering is an impressive dramatic short film about a couple in bed who get to know each other, essentially. It sounds simple on the surface, which it is, but there are more layers once you peel them back. Teetering boasts some high quality filmmaking and a solid script that also features some fine performances from its leads. Now, let's dive into what exactly makes this such an effective dramatic short.

The Craft

Matt Boda has done it again with his work on Teetering. The filmmaking on display is mighty impressive between the intimate cinematography, the sleek editing, and the effective use of slow-motion. The editing here is what really impressed me the most. We zoom from action to action, scene to scene with some fast cuts and smooth transitions, without getting any whiplash. The quickly paced editing adds to the immediacy between the two lovers in bed. Not to mention the intimate cinematography adds to their closeness. Also, the slow motion used during the pivotal scene in which our protagonist states he's been "running all his life" is extremely effective. We get that feeling, as if we're running with him.

The Writing

The script is short, sweet and to the point. To the point of being effective. We catch a glimpse into these lovers' personal lives and we have them to root for. We're behind them from the get-go and we care about them. They seem to be happy together but then there's something even beneath the surface. The exposition feels organic as they truly do want to get to know each other, and so do we. I enjoyed that the writing was strong from the relationship between them, the nuances they have, the attention to detail, and the layered, multidimensional past that they seem to have.

The Performances

The two lead performances are very strong and endearing. I was impressed with the leads' chemistry and effortlessness. I could easily believe that the two were in love and I bought into their relationship every step of the way. The interplay between the leads carries the bedroom scene(s) and our lead male's performance during the running scene was also quite convincing. The two were great, dynamic, and layered performances which serve the story so well.  I was very impressed with the acting all around, and it's all accented the tremendous filmmaking and the great writing is bolstered by the fine acting.

The Verdict

Overall, this is a very effective and affecting short drama which works on very nearly every level. The filmmaking on display is top shelf and needs to be shouted out. The editing was effective and efficient and just gives a very needed immediacy to their relationship and the story. The writing is quite strong and gives us a palpable romance with a lucid and profound background. The acting also is so effortless and organic, it feels so grounded in realism. The running scene was also exceptionally well done and added some great and well needed depth to the already strong story. I believed every second of it and I was thoroughly impressed.


Rating: Excellent


Teetering is a Get it Made production and is available on Vimeo. The link to the video can be found here.

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