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A Different Spin on the DocuShort

An absolutely incredible story of dreams, loss, struggle, perseverance, and hope. It's a very well-made documentary about an abstract impressionist painter who experienced some of the greatest hardships one can face, especially as an artist. After suffering an injury causing him to be paralyzed, he now must adapt and learn how to perform his art in another way which is going to be feasible, given his circumstances. He must now carry out his days as a quadriplegic, but that doesn't stop him from achieving his dream as an artist. He learns how to paint with the wheels of his wheelchair and is now very famous and successful as a result. He also helps out others in need with his philanthropy, programs, classes, and much more. Let's dive into why this docushort is so effective.

The Remarkable True Story

This short documentary not only succeeds from the way that its made, but it's mostly due to its incredible, see it to believe it true story. Vincent Price had his world turned completely upside down after a tragic bike accident left him paralyzed. Vincent then had to figure out how to pursue his art while carrying out his days as a quadriplegic. Instead of feeling sorry for himself or just giving up entirely, he persevered through this hardship and adapted to his current situation. Price overcame this by learning how to paint using the wheels on his wheelchair and created masterpieces of abstract impressionist work that allowed him to gain fame and notoriety throughout the LA art community, spanning across into celebrity culture as well. He also gives back by teaching the disabled and handicapped to do the same, providing classes, opportunities, and charitable works.

The Craft

The filmmaking behind this documentary is very impressive between the cinematography, editing, and effects. The true story is amazing enough to be enthralled, but we are also compelled by the top notch, high quality filmmaking on display. We're captivated from the start with the opening graphics and visceral life action filmmaking and then we delve into his true story via smooth transitions and silky edits. The effects for a low budget docushort are also impressive and it's clear that much care and attention is put into this production.

The Continuity

This may seem like an obvious trait of an effective documentary film, but I still feel the need to spotlight it here. The film flows so well and it's worthy to mention that the film absolutely flies by because you don't feel bogged down or bored, ever. Since everything flows so well, the information washes over you and before you know it, it's over - leaving you wanting more, and not in a bad way. You wish it wasn't over as we wish to delve into his life even further. The film is so pristine and vivid, each moment is thoroughly enjoyable. And although it's heartbreaking at times, it's also so incredibly wholesome that you can't help but leave with a smile on your face.

The Verdict

Overall, this is an exceedingly well made documentary of an amazing story which succeeds on so many levels. The remarkable true story is obviously the standout here, but the filmmaking surrounding the documentary is so impressive that you hardly feel like you're even watching a documentary at all. The cinematography, editing, and visuals all work in tandem to bring such a pristine viewing experience. The flow of the documentary is so seamless that you barely realize that you've already spent ten minutes living in this profoundly skilled artist's world and it's already over before you could even think about it. This is a docushort that is not only well worth your time, but I would venture to say that it's compulsory viewing.


Rating: Excellent


Rise: The Artist Within is a short documentary film, a Get It Made Production, and is available streaming on YouTube. The link to the film can be found here.



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