Tech Workers

A list of tech workers in the Chicago Film Scene directory. Reach out to tech workers in Chicago about jobs and film work or collaboration here.

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First Name Levi
Last Name Clark
Your Film Roles Cinematographer, Grip, PA, Sound, Sound Editing, Live Sound, Tech
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @leviclarkphoto
First Name Cameron
Last Name Forehand
Your Film Roles Producer, Cinematographer, Art Department, Sound Editing, Set Design, Set Building, Stunts, Live Events, Television, Feature Films, Theaters, Studios, Costumes, Carpentry, Props, Tech, Marketing, Intern
Portfolio URL (ex.
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) 903cam
First Name Douglas
Last Name Switzer
Your Film Roles Set Design, Carpentry, Tech
First Name Lew
Last Name Berghoff
Your Film Roles Cinematographer, Tech, Film Buff
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @lewisberghoff
First Name Antonio
Last Name Sommerio
Your Film Roles Writer, PA, Tech, Film Enthusiast
First Name Leslie(Lee)
Last Name Lawrence
Your Film Roles Writer, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, VFX, Stunts, Feature Films, Theaters, Drone Operator, Tech, Intern, Actor
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) Societychameleon1
First Name Perry
Last Name Petersen
Your Film Roles Cinematographer, Editing, Tech, Intern, Student, Film Enthusiast
Portfolio URL (ex.
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @perrypetersen
First Name Oral
Last Name Sekendur
Your Film Roles Editing, Director, Producer, Marketing, Live Events, Venues, Agency, Investor, Executive Producer, Tech, Production Assistant, Equipment, Promoter
Portfolio URL (ex.