A list of agency workers in the Chicago Film Scene directory. Reach out to agency workers in Chicago about jobs and film work or collaboration here.

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First Name Samantha
Last Name Martin
Your Film Roles Agency
Portfolio URL (ex.
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @amazinganimalsga
First Name Marissa
Last Name Duignan
Your Film Roles Producer, PA, Television, Feature Films, Studios, Agency, Venues, Marketing
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @vvarissa
First Name Will
Last Name Sullivan
Your Film Roles Producer, Editing, Rental, Agency, Drone Operator
Portfolio URL (ex.
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) willsull
First Name Mariah
Last Name Gipson
Your Film Roles Acting, Director, PA, Television, Feature Films, Agency, Student
First Name Brianna
Last Name Burkey
Your Film Roles Cinematographer, PA, Live Events, Television, Talent Agency
Portfolio URL (ex.
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @briburkey
First Name Tanya
Last Name Carter
Your Film Roles Television, Feature Films, Theaters, Studios, Actor, Talent Agency, Film Enthusiast
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) Tanya22
First Name Cole
Last Name Hayes
Your Film Roles Editing, Makeup, Set Design, Set Building, Agency, Props, Intern, Film Enthusiast

Studied and worked on film all through highschool and proceeded into the film program at ASU. 

I left to freelance in Austin, Tx before life got in the way and I had to focus on other matters. I’m new to the Chicago area and would love to just be helpful as needed while learning the city and the scene. 

Portfolio URL (ex.
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @tearstainedbugatti
First Name Oral
Last Name Sekendur
Your Film Roles Editing, Director, Producer, Marketing, Live Events, Venues, Agency, Investor, Executive Producer, Tech, Production Assistant, Equipment, Promoter
Portfolio URL (ex.
First Name K
Last Name Echevarria
Your Film Roles Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Set Design, Marketing, Live Events, Venues, Props, Studios, Agency, Investor, Executive Producer, Actor, Production Assistant, Costume, Equipment, Designer, Promoter
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) k_ech