April 4, 2020


A list of sfx workers in the Chicago Film Scene directory. Reach out to sfx workers in Chicago about jobs and film work or collaboration here.

Total Records Found: 5, showing 100 per page
First Name Ken
Last Name Lobacz
Film Roles Lighting, SFX
First Name Andrea
Last Name Wathanaphone
Film Roles SFX, Musician, Sound Editing, Live Sound
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @awathanaphone
Portfolio URL (ex. www.portfolio.com) awathanaphone.wixsite.com/awathanaphone
First Name Audrey
Last Name Jewell
Film Roles Writer, SFX
Portfolio URL (ex. www.portfolio.com) jewell144.wixsite.com/website
First Name Oscar
Last Name Corral
Film Roles SFX, Editing, Sound Editing
First Name Gayle
Last Name Martin
Film Roles SFX, Makeup, Props
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @sfxperiments
Portfolio URL (ex. www.portfolio.com) www.gaylemartinmakeup.com