April 8, 2020

Live Event Workers

A list of live event workers in the Chicago Film Scene directory. Reach out to live event workers in Chicago about jobs and film work or collaboration here.

Total Records Found: 12, showing 100 per page
First Name James
Last Name Duros
Film Roles Cinematographer, Sound, Sound Editing, Live Sound, Live Events
First Name Christopher
Last Name Costanzo
Film Roles Gaffer, Grip, PA, Set Building, Live Events, Carpentry, Comedian, Film Buff, Muggle, Actor
First Name Rashidat
Last Name Shittu
Film Roles Writer, Director, PA, Set Design, Live Events, Television, Feature Films, Theaters, Marketing, Actor
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @fyre84
First Name Ronald
Last Name Groves
Film Roles Writer, Producer, Investor, Director, PA, Live Events, Television, Feature Films, Studios, Film Buff, Muggle, Actor
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @RonaldFreshington
Portfolio URL (ex. www.portfolio.com) originalglory.tumblr.com/
First Name Brianna
Last Name Burkey
Film Roles Cinematographer, PA, Live Events, Television, Talent Agency
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @briburkey
Portfolio URL (ex. www.portfolio.com) briburkey.com
First Name Kristen
Last Name McCabe
Film Roles Producer, Live Events, Marketing, Actor
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @ausmericangirl
Portfolio URL (ex. www.portfolio.com) Www.lightscamerakristen.com
First Name Katie
Last Name Hildreth
Film Roles Producer, PA, Live Events, Theaters, Studios, Venues
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @kahil511
Portfolio URL (ex. www.portfolio.com) www.linkedin.com/in/katie-hildreth-49896b2a/
First Name Tim
Last Name H
Film Roles Comedian, Producer, Live Events, Actor, Podcaster, Theater
First Name Sonny
Last Name Kruger
Film Roles Musician, Live Events, Props, Actor, Gopher - cue card holder - wanna help!
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) krugersonny
First Name Oral
Last Name Sekendur
Film Roles Editing, Director, Producer, Marketing, Live Events, Venues, Agency, Investor, Executive Producer, Tech, Production Assistant, Equipment, Promoter
Portfolio URL (ex. www.portfolio.com) ShutUpStupid.com
First Name Elizabeth
Last Name Davis
Film Roles Live Events
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) Lizzyd360
First Name K
Last Name Echevarria
Film Roles Writer, Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Set Design, Marketing, Live Events, Venues, Props, Studios, Agency, Investor, Executive Producer, Actor, Production Assistant, Costume, Equipment, Designer, Promoter
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) k_ech