April 4, 2020


A list of comics in the Chicago Film Scene directory. Reach out to comics in Chicago about jobs and film work or collaboration here.

Total Records Found: 14, showing 100 per page
First Name Justin
Last Name Smith
Film Roles Writer, Producer, Director, PA, Editing, Comedian
First Name Jericho
Last Name Zorned
Film Roles VFX, Intern, Student, Comedian
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @asomejericho
Portfolio URL (ex. www.portfolio.com) www.youtube.com/channel/UCSvY9UxoDl-Z5_0zcdgn8tA
First Name Kimberley
Last Name Hosking
Film Roles Acting, Writer, Television, Feature Films, Comedian, Muggle
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @going_kimmando
First Name Tony
Last Name Brown
Film Roles Writer, Musician, Television, Feature Films, Theaters, Comedian, Actor
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @tonetone87
First Name Christopher
Last Name Costanzo
Film Roles Gaffer, Grip, PA, Set Building, Live Events, Carpentry, Comedian, Film Buff, Muggle, Actor
First Name Jonathan
Last Name Chapman
Film Roles Producer, Comedian
First Name Craig
Last Name Hard
Film Roles Writer, Director, Cinematographer, PA, Editing, Comedian, Set Design, Feature Films, Actor
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @jusenufisplenty
First Name Danielle
Last Name Malenock
Film Roles Writer, Director, Comedian, Television, Feature Films, Theaters, Marketing, Actor
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @dmalenock, @theatreofthebeyond
First Name lara
Last Name rose
Film Roles Writer, Producer, Editing, Makeup, Comedian, Set Building, Stunts, Television, Feature Films, Theaters, Lighting, Marketing, Actor, Film Enthusiast
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @lara.beth.rose
Portfolio URL (ex. www.portfolio.com) www.backstage.com/u/lara-beth-rose/media/
First Name Andre
Last Name Colin
Film Roles Writer, Comedian, Film Buff, Actor, Film Enthusiast
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) Andre_f3st
First Name Laura
Last Name Schierhoff
Film Roles Writer, Producer, Comedian, Television, Studios, Intern, Film Buff, Muggle, Actor, Film Enthusiast
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) @lauraanne_18
First Name Enrique
Last Name García Fuentes
Film Roles Comedian, Writer, Actor, Podcaster, Host
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) egfnews AT netscape.net
First Name Tim
Last Name H
Film Roles Comedian, Producer, Live Events, Actor, Podcaster, Theater
First Name Eric
Last Name Silver
Film Roles Comedian, Writer
Instagram (ex. @yourhandle) ericsilv3r