November 22, 2019


The Chicago Film Scene began in 2017 as a gathering of film industry professionals every Wednesday at the Arrogant Frog Bar in Lincoln Park. Since then, the group has quickly become one of the largest and most active filmmaker communities in Chicago. We still meet every Wednesday at the Arrogant Frog, and anyone is welcome to join.

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Our sole focus is building and supporting the indie filmmaker community in Chicago, and helping connect individuals who might not otherwise meet. We welcome cinematographers, actors, writers, investors, directors, producers, musicians, and more to join and start meeting others in the industry. One way to do this is through our weekly meeting. Another way is to reach out to members and followers of our social media groups directly.

Through the short period of time we’ve been around, our members have collaborated on dozens of indie films, with many going on to work on feature films through new industry connections. We encourage all members to attend events throughout Chicago at places like Cinespace, 2112, and Stage 18.

Some of our group activities include hosting film premieres at the Arrogant Frog (ask if interested), putting on a monthly live show with industry professional guests, producing group films, going to see films, and attending events and festivals.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you next Wednesday!