February 22, 2020


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The Chicago Film Scene is a non-profit group of filmmakers, writers, actors, producers, artists, gaffers, grips and more. We meet every Wednesday in Lincoln Park, and our focus is building and supporting the Chicago film industry and community. If you are involved in the film industry, or would like to be, join the directory below. See you Wednesday!

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Other Space “Finale” Review | Off the Beaten Path

After a truncated first contact and with the clock ticking before the wormhole opens, Stewart must make a choice whether to stay with the alien they barely met or go back to Earth with his crew, and deal with the entailing consequences.


Other Space “First Contact” Review | Off the Beaten Path

While Stewart and A.R.T. fight a potential drug addiction to make contact with an alien in his dreams, Karen ends up in HR Arbitration against Michael.


Other Space “Powerless” Review | Off the Beaten Path

After a lightning strike disables the ship, the crew must figure out how to survive in the dark without using any power.


Other Space “Trouble’s Brewing” Review | Off the Beaten Path

While Michael and Tina are stuck on the surface of the new planet, Karen and Stewart have to deal with a robot uprising.


Other Space “Ted Talks” Review | Off the Beaten Path

After Tina, the only crew member who can retrieve the ship’s fuel from the new planet, is dumped by a delayed message from Ted, the rest of the crew throws a girl’s night to restore her spirits before the fuel is inaccessible.


Other Space “The Death of A.R.T.” Review | Off the Beaten Path

Our intrepid crew, completely lost and utterly bored, deal with a surprise casualty while performing some maintenance.

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