May 31, 2020


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The Chicago Film Scene is a group of filmmakers, writers, actors, producers, artists, gaffers, grips and more. We meet every Wednesday in Lincoln Park, and our focus is building and supporting the Chicago film industry and community. If you are involved in the film industry, or would like to be, join the directory below. If you want access to our film industry contact book, job alerts, and event invites, join CFS Insider. See you Wednesday!

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Story Forge Brings Chicago’s Film Community Together Online

Eleven04’s first-ever live streaming event, featuring five Chicago filmmakers pitching their scripts alongside live table reads, surpassed expectations and brought new energy to the local film community.


Off the Beaten Path | Crashing

For this installment of “Off the Beaten Path”, I review “Crashing”, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s other TV show from 2016.


Off the Beaten Path | Spicy City

For the first of my season reviews on “Off the Beaten Path”, I review the Ralpha Bakshi animated anthology “Spicy City”, a show forgotten by everyone including it’s home network.


The Comfort of Documentary Film during Quarantine

It’s hard to say whether a sequence of elderly dancers joyfully participating in a regular class would have brought the same emotion if life as …


Chicago Film Then-and-Now: THE FURY (1978)

Brian De Palma’s Carrie (1976) stands as quite possibly his most well-known and best received film from an outstanding, if underrated career. However, he returned …


Chicago Film Then-and-Now: MEDIUM COOL (1969)

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes” This quote, usually attributed to Mark Twain, has existed throughout time, giving us a way to process …

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